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How It Works?

1. A2M
Degradation of Cartilage

A2M (alpha-2-macroglobulin) is a naturally occurring protein in your blood plasma. It is known to be both a potent anti-inflammatory compound as well as an inhibitor of the enzymes that can break down the proteins (like collagen) in your joint tissues. It is for these reasons that QC Kinetix has A2M as a part of our regenerative therapy protocols. While A2M therapy is new in the regenerative medicine field, we have already had outstanding results with it and are excited to be one of the very few groups in the country that offers it.

2. Regenerative Cell Therapy
Initiates Regeneration

QC Kinetix employs the use of amniotic membrane-based products and umbilical cord tissue products that contain many important compounds, including but not limited to cytokines (which block activation of pain receptors), growth factors (responsible for repair and regeneration of tissue), natural hyaluronic acid (an important compound naturally found in the body and joints which provides hydration and lubrication for the area to be treated) and cellular matrix components (support structure). The addition of regenerative cell therapy for pain to your treatment plan maximizes your potential for the very best outcome.

3. Class IV Laser
Instant Pain Relief

The Class IV Laser was cleared by the FDA for use in 2003. The laser provides instant pain relief for your joint pain. This therapy is a non-invasive laser energy concentrated in a single area where the pain derives from. The purpose of the laser is to create a photochemical response that helps improve function and mobility, as well as reducing pain and inflammation. This will be the first step in our treatment package. This is designed to reduce pain and swelling, while stimulating the damaged tissue.

4. Cryotherapy Charlotte NC *
Pain Relief and Recovery

During treatment the body is exposed to temperatures below negative 200 degrees for about 2 – 4 minutes. As the body warms up again, the enriched blood flows back through the body through a process called vasodilation. As a result, whole body cryotherapy is very effective for athletic recovery and muscle repair, reduction of chronic pain and inflammation, and overall enhancement of health and wellness

* Only available currently in Charlotte location.

Who is a Candidate?

These treatments are for those that have pain associated with arthritis. Pain, swelling or stiffness may be early signs of arthritis. Early detection and treatment can make a huge difference in pain and joint damage caused by arthritis. With the integration of each of these joint pain treatment options, QC Kinetix has achieved maximum results for those suffering with arthritis in joints such as:

  • Knees
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Fingers / Toes
  • Elbow
  • Low Back

The QC Difference

QC Kinetix is excited to be the Carolinas’ newest and most cutting-edge non-surgical regenerative cellular therapy medical group in the Southeastern US.  Our mission is to help as many patients as possible enjoy a higher quality of life by improving their musculoskeletal pain and injuries with natural treatment options, thereby prolonging or eliminating the need for surgical intervention.

Our Charlotte NC & Charleston SC pain clinics utilize the very latest in natural regenerative cell therapies to help decrease inflammation, improve pain, and repair injured or degenerated tissues.  Our patient experience is unparalleled in the medical field, as we provide a concierge level of service throughout your entire clinical experience.

Not only will you be treated with the highest level of service and respect, you will also be fully educated about your condition, your treatment options, and whether or not you are a candidate for any of the cellular therapies we offer.  Ultimately, the focus of QC Kinetix is on quality of life metrics.

Our goal is to get you back to enjoying life in ways that you currently cannot.  Whatever your reason for contacting us, rest assured we will focus on what quality of life means to you and how we might be able to help you attain your personal needs and goals.

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