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"The QC Kinetix team is awesome to work with! I have had both knees treated with PRP and Regenerative Cell…...Read More


I came in with knee pain and started care with QC Kinetix. I was just recently in Disney with my…...Read More


I received regenerative cell and prp therapy from QC Kinetix. My knees are much better, especially getting up and down…...Read More


I came in with bi-lateral knee pain. I agreed to regenerative cell therapy treatment and it has been like a…...Read More


I have been a patient at QC Kinetix for six months. I came in with two torn rotator cuffs. After…...Read More


I was told I need a total knee replacement. I didn't want one so I explored other avenues. After completing…...Read More


I had two surgeries on my knees and still had constant pain. I just finished my regenerative medicine treatment 2…...Read More

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